15 October 2021

Changing careers in the age of working from home

The pandemic has disrupted the process of changing your career dramatically. The newly developing culture of working from home and the threat of lockdowns are slowing our transition back to the office, preventing businesses from using traditional recruitment methods.

While there are new challenges impacting how we now live our lives, you can still change careers and begin your dream job. Our guide will be able to help you on the path to starting the next chapter of your career.

Seeking a new job

Before you start looking for available job positions, take the PERSOLKELLY career pathfinder quiz to help you understand the kinds of jobs that match your skills and passions. Once you understand the sort of roles that will suit your professional goals and align with your training and qualifications, it is time to search for positions being advertised.

Today, roles are generally advertised on either online job boards or through staffing and recruitment providers. Recruitment providers such as PERSOLKELLY offer depth and breadth of expertise across a diverse range of industries. Browse new job opportunities to find the right role for you.

Applying for advertised roles

When applying for a position, you will generally need to put your best foot forward with a professional resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should explain how your skill set and personality will suit the role you are applying for, not simply be a rehash of your resume. Often these two documents are all you have available to make a first impression; make them count!

Creating a LinkedIn profile can assist your job application as it provides a profile of who you are in a more personal way than a resume. It will also help you develop a network with other professionals that could provide career and sales opportunities as well as professional advice to assist your further development.

Virtual interviews

You will most likely conduct your interview virtually over a video call. Before your virtual interview, it will be important to test your technology as it can easily fail. Ensure that your computer, microphone and camera is set up so that you can have clear video and sound. Make sure you choose a quiet area of your house with an appropriate backdrop behind you.

When on your call, first impressions still matter. It is important to maintain a sense of professionalism with your attire and body language. How you speak with your body is just as important as what is being said verbally and may influence your interviewer’s impression of you. Throughout your interview, be authentic and try to build positive rapport to show who you are as a person and how you can fit into the team.

Starting your new career

Starting a new job can be daunting when you are working from home. Your management will have set up processes to properly onboard you to help you perform your new role effectively. Work with your manager and team to create social events online to get to know and interact with people and feel that you are a part of the team.

At PERSOLKELLY, our passion is to help people move forward in their careers. Our expertise and capability can help you to source the next job for you to progress in your career. Contact us today at PERSOLKELLY to learn more.

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