Career Pathfinder

PERSOLKELLY offers a wide range of job options and opportunities for candidates. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to know which direction you want to head in.

Finding your path

To help make it a bit easier, we’ve got some simple questions for you to answer. We’ll match you with suggested career pathways, based on your personality.

Getting started

Choose all the statements that apply to you from any category below.

Select your character traits below
  • are a dependable and reliable person
  • are flexible in how you do things
  • get satisfaction from helping others
  • have a calm and patient manner
  • have a positive attitude
  • work well as part of a team
  • are motivated by achieving goals
  • are strongwilled and ambitious
  • enjoy the challenge of meeting deadlines
  • like to have a busy workload
  • like to set yourself clear objectives
  • work well on your own initiative
  • are an innovative person
  • are an outside-of-the-box thinker
  • are not afraid to fail
  • like to find better ways of doing things
  • like to see your ideas turn into reality
  • prefer action to discussion
  • are a curious person
  • are an analytical thinker
  • are not guided by bias
  • observe situations before you make a decision
  • prioritise logic over emotion in your work
  • think through your tasks thoroughly before you complete them
  • are a good listener
  • are able to prioritise tasks
  • enjoy working within systems and processes
  • feel you manage your time well
  • interact well with different types of people
  • work with understanding and integrity
  • are a passionate person
  • are able to form strong working relationships
  • articulate ideas well
  • encourage others to get involved in discussions/activities
  • enjoy negotiating to reach mutually beneficial agreements
  • like to influence people’s way of thinking
Does that all sound like you? Find your career path now You’ll need to select 5 traits to proceed

Potential pathways

Based on your answers, we’ve found a few career paths that might suit your personality.

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