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Who we are

PERSOLKELLY is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading staffing and recruitment providers, with a depth and breadth of expertise across diverse industries.

We have experience in the realities of your world and can open you to opportunities across ours.

Built on a legacy of innovation that dates to the start of the modern staffing industry. PERSOLKELLY delivers expertise at every scale by ensuring we understand the needs of all we work with.

We’re now one of APAC’s leading organisations, with 45 offices in 13 countries.

  • 13 Market coverage across APAC
  • 40+ Years providing the full suite of HR solutions
  • 45+ PERSOLKELLY offices
  • 6,000+ Active clients onboard
  • 38,000+ Employees deployed daily

Common roles we recruit for

Security and InfrastructureExecutive and ManagementProject and TransformationDevelopment and Business ApplicationsDesign and Digital
•Security Architect
•Security Analyst
•Penetration Tester
•Security Systems Administrators
•IT Security Consultant
• Network and System Administrators
•Desktop Support
•L1/L2 and SME Support
•IT Manager
•IT Technician
•Chief Information Officer (CIO)
•Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
•Chief Data Officer (CDO)
•Chief Security Officer (CSO)
•Chief Information Security Officer
•Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
•Vice President
•Project/Program Managers
• Business Analysts (functional and technical)
• Change Manager
•PMO and Coordinators
•Test Managers
• Development and Business Applications
• Enterprise/ Domain/Solution Architects
•Cloud Engineers and Designers
•Data (Engineers/Analysts
•Robotics and Machine Learning
•Testers and QA
•Quant Developers
•UX/ UI Designer
• UX Researchers
•Product Designers
•Design Directors
•Graphic Designers/Digital Designers
•Game Designers
•Digital Account managers
•Service Designers

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Case Studies: We help organisations win the war for ICT talent

Rapid Deployment

The client is a leading IT solutions provider in the world and was engaged in a large systems integration project with a major bank in Sydney. PERSOLKELLY was appointed for recruiting a team of Business Analyst with strong data analytics skill. Given the short turnaround time, PERSOLKELLY assembled a team of consultants with domain knowledge in financial sector to carrying out the search assignment. The team utilized its strong candidate network, pitched the unique proposition of the role, and successfully filled the project team with 4 Business Analysts within the same month of engagement.

IT Architect from New Zealand

Our client, a leading electricity power utility supplier, sought a highly skilled IT Architect to fortify their technological infrastructure. However, they faced a significant hurdle – the salary offered, constrained by the utility sector’s limitations, struggled to compete with more lucrative offers from the private commercial sector.

Understanding the intricacies of the client’s predicament, our team embarked on a mission to redefine the recruitment approach. Recognizing the salary constraints, we realized that finding a local candidate willing to accept the offered package would be challenging. Undeterred, we expanded our search horizon to explore similar markets with competitive talent, eventually setting our sights on New Zealand.

By exploring New Zealand, we identified a talent pool where the salary expectations were more aligned with our client’s offering. Acknowledging that our client had limited experience in hiring from overseas, we collaborated closely to fine-tune the overall package. This adjustment not only accounted for the salary expectations but also factored in relocation costs, ensuring a smooth transition for the prospective candidate.

Our market mapping in New Zealand yielded promising results, leading us to a candidate whose skill set perfectly matched our client’s requirements. Facilitating a seamless assessment process, we worked diligently to bridge the gap between our client and the candidate, fostering a collaborative environment for effective decision-making. The end-to-end process spanned over 4.5 months.

A long position vacancy

Our team was mandated by a client in healthcare sector based in Perth for a Data Engineer role which had been vacant for over 4 months. Our consultant who specialized in data carried out a gap analysis and assisted the client to reprioritize the requirements to improve candidate attraction. The role was successfully filled within 6 weeks of appointment.