12 September 2020

In Focus: Happiness at Work Index – Industrial & Trades

What Drives Happiness at Work for Employees in Industrial and Trades?

As the world returns to a ‘new normal’, it is even more vital for employers to maintain a strong relationship and connection with their workforce.

Employees will play a big role in determining business success beyond the post-crisis recovery period. Their happiness must continue to be a key point of consideration for companies. Our 2020 Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Workforce Insights supports HR leaders in making the case to their businesses on the need to create a happy workforce and demonstrates the importance of employee happiness to a company’s productivity and success. 

In this report, we delve into the current level of happiness among people employed in Industrial and Trades. We will also explore the key drivers of happiness at work, as well as how employers should re-evaluate benefits packages to better cater to the different needs.

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