20 July 2021

Mentorship: Why you should consider it

Mentorship has long been a focus in the professional world. It provides the opportunity for all parties involved to grow professionally and personally. Encouraging mentor programs helps develop employees and ultimately benefits the business.

Why consider mentorship?

Mentorship gives the opportunity for junior professionals to develop a relationship with a seasoned individual who’s willing to assist them achieve success by applying the expertise they’ve gained through their time in the industry. The two should meet regularly to set goals, exchange ideas and overcome any issues the mentee may face throughout their career. Both mentor and mentee will see benefits professionally and personally throughout the life of the mentorship, so it’s a great idea to get involved.

Benefits for mentees

Being mentored will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and support. Having access to the guidance of a mentor can provide exposure to ideas and advice to help you achieve your professional goals. A mentor can help anyone, no matter where you are in your career, as professional goals change over time to reflect where you are currently. Their experience will also help you avoid mistakes your mentor has overcome.

When choosing who will be your mentor, consider the following:

  • Does this person inspire you and do they have achievements close to what you hope to achieve? Before asking yourself this question, have a think about what you consider to be successful in all aspects life and ask, has the candidate achieved something similar? For example, if you value having strong relationships socially, you might want to consider someone who also shares this value, as well as taking their professional accolades into account.
  • What expertise do they offer and can they help you to achieve your goals?
  • Does their personality fit with yours? Good communication is key to having a successful relationship with a mentor, so it’s important that you both get along with each other.
  • Are they willing to invest their time into you? You don’t want someone who can’t commit to helping you, so look for someone who will genuinely take time out of their day to help you.

As you begin to work with your mentor, have discussions with them to assess your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you develop a strategic plan to further your skills. If you’re looking for a mentor internally, it will provide you with exposure to your company’s management, which might help with promotion opportunities.

Benefits for mentors

If you’re considering becoming a mentor, you have the opportunity to help someone grow and succeed. Providing your knowledge and experience may create a sense of joy and pride as you’re able to help shape young talent. Additionally, working with a younger person, you may find yourself exposed to different perspectives and ideas that you can apply in your own work. You’ll also be able to improve your teaching and communication skills. Presenting information that others can understand is a skill that will help in other facets of your work such as presenting and pitching ideas. 

Benefits for businesses

Running a mentorship program in your business can create an opportunity to further develop the skills of your staff. The improved skills and knowledge that come from mentorship programs lead to better work outcomes, helping you achieve the business’ goals. It will also highlight individuals who have the drive and ambition to further their development in your business, providing potential management candidates.

Mentorship programs provide benefits to all parties involved.

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