07 December 2021

Why you should consider applying for a temp role

As temp consultants, we often hear, “yes, I am immediately available for work, but I’m only interested in permanent roles…why on earth would I temp”? The idea seems completely alien to many – we can understand that.

Our experience is that many amazing things can happen when you temp, so we decided to invest some time in explaining some of the great reasons why you might consider taking on a PERSOLKELLY temporary role, and challenge some of your hesitations.

We get it! Been there done that…

We have ourselves been temporary employees many times over the years.  For us, temping has been a great way to keep working when our circumstances have changed, for example:

  • Moving to a new country or location
  • Being made redundant and wanting to take the time to find the right role
  • Pending parental leave and needing a short-term job
  • Needing flexibility to manage family commitments, so only available work term time

It was great – we enjoyed the variety of roles and met some great people who are still friends now. We also loved the freedom, it improved our career profile and we picked up some new skills.

So what’s it all about?

We wanted to debunk some of the misconceptions below about temping to give you a more rounded view of what it really means to be a PERSOLKELLY temp:

The Concerns;

  • Annual leave or sick leave That is technically true however, you are paid a casual loading allowance that covers this. Plus, the only days you don’t get paid are the ones you choose to take off.
  • It could end at any time. Yes, but so could any role in the current climate. Most permanent roles have a probation period and during that period you usually only have a 1 week notice period. Why not flip it on its head and think, if you work hard and put your best foot forward then it could become an amazing opportunity- and if it’s not for you – simple- you don’t stay beyond the assignment length.  
  • I’m holding out for my dream job. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you could be waiting a while for your dream to come true. Why not keep your skills up to date and earn some money while you do so?
  • Take a break, without taking a break. If you have been working for the last 20 years, chances are it might actually be nice to take a step back for a brief period and take a lower level or less stressful role

The Pros;

  • Weekly pay for every hour you work. (Wahoo! no more waiting for that monthly hit)
  • Try it on! Want to experience a new industry but not sure how it will go? Why not try before you buy?
  • Networking. So often, we hear a candidate say their old boss or colleague connected them to their new role! Also, it’s a great way to make new social connections.
  • Long term opportunity. We have a large percentage of our roles turn into extensions or even permanent positions, sometimes our clients have even created a role for the right person.
  • We are here for you. We support you in the role, we can help you with career advice and those awkward negotiation conversations   
  • An option to opt out. We expect you will honour the term of the contract or assignment, BUT we are also human and understand that life changes. If an assignment is not what you expected, or your dream job comes knocking, you can arrange to end the assignment.
  • You’re returning to the workforce. After a period of unemployment it can be daunting to get back into work. Let’s say for example you are ready to head out of parental leave and dipping your toe back into the workforce. The team at PERSOLKELLY are here to help you to navigate your way through this transition.

What’s next?

The team at PERSOLKELLY would love to support you with your next Business Support temp assignment, so please reach out today by sending your resume to us Krysta.wright@persolkelly.com.au and Katherine.stevens@persolkelly.com.au

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