22 April 2021

From job seekers to career movers – what will employees prioritise in 2021?

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Increased pay is emerging as the number one reason for changing careers or jobs in 2021
Reskilling and upskilling are the clearest ways to secure a financial future
Cost of reskilling and upskilling are cited as the largest barrier

Our 2021 Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Workforce Insights Report will help supports HR leaders in understanding how employees see the current context and where they see themselves in the next 12 months.

As Australia and New Zealand emerge from recession and look towards the future, employees are starting to plan their professional prospects in an environment that has changed forever.

The pandemic has impacted people’s priorities in the way they approach their career progression, education and relationship with their current employer.

Companies and employees adapted quickly to the ‘new normal’ in 2020 but it seems that the post-pandemic recovery will bring more changes to workplaces across several industries.

What will employees prioritise in 2021?

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