05 January 2024

7 Tips to Effectively Attract and Retain Digital Talents

By Sonny Subhan, Deputy Country Head PERSOLKELLY Indonesia.

The demand for digital talent has been consistently high in recent years, given the increasing importance of technology and digital solutions. Companies from various sectors depend on employees with digital expertise to drive innovation and develop solutions that enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences and deliver new products and services. 

This high demand is fueled by a significant shortage of digital talent across the globe, with slow talent development and a lack of talent mobility among the contributing factors. To solve this problem, everyone needs to work together – schools, businesses, organisations and the government.  

Our research on LinkedIn aimed to uncover the qualities that future digital talent will prioritise when searching for employment opportunities. With the current shortage of digital talent, these qualities are becoming increasingly valuable and highly sought after.

This article helps business leaders find highly-skilled talent for their digital transformation needs. We believe that understanding candidates, and investing in attracting and retaining them, are the key factors in achieving this goal. Here are seven tips to attract and retain digital talent:

Tip 1: Work on Career Development Strategy and Training Programs

Developing a robust talent acquisition strategy is instrumental in attracting and retaining talent. To find the best talent, it’s important to use more than just the usual methods for hiring. It is crucial to have well-thought-out succession planning in place. Organisations can prevent leadership disruptions and ensure a smooth transition by planning ahead for succession.

Equally, digital professionals value organisations that invest in their growth and development. Talent development programs that focus on new technologies, artificial intelligence, digital technology, industry trends and professional skills help develop employees and demonstrate the organisation’s dedication to staying ahead in the digital world.

Tip 2: Provide Mentorship

Providing mentorship is a powerful tool for retaining digital talent within an organisation. By offering mentorship programs, employers demonstrate their commitment to supporting the professional development of their employees. Mentors can guide and provide valuable insights, helping employees navigate challenges, acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. This personalised guidance fosters a sense of belonging and investment in the organisation, making employees more likely to stay long-term.

Tip 3: Push Employee Development

A common trait in digital professionals is their ambition. They value organisations that can offer professional development opportunities for career path growth and advancement. Companies can attract motivated individuals who want to improve their skill development and knowledge by offering clear paths for career advancement. By actively supporting and investing in the professional development of their digital talents, organisations will increase employee satisfaction and retention rates, attract top-notch individuals and foster a sense of loyalty and commitment.

Considering these factors can be beneficial in the long term and serve as a wise investment for a business. To compete for talent, leaders must take charge and be proactive with their strategies.

Tip 4: Work on Employer Brand

Companies must develop a good reputation as an employer to attract and maintain a diverse workforce in the digital industry. One way is through staff advocacy, an overlooked but essential strategy. Employers must highlight the purpose and interests behind jobs to attract qualified candidates and improve retention. Satisfied employees become enthusiastic advocates, sharing positive experiences through social media and online reviews. This virtuous cycle of staff advocacy creates a strong employer brand that stands out in a competitive marketplace.

Tip 5: Competitive Salaries, Compensation or Benefits

In the competitive digital market, talented professionals are in high demand. So, organisations need to offer good pay to attract them. Employees who receive fair compensation for their work are more likely to feel valued and motivated. In addition, organisations should provide benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and generous vacation time, allowing employees to take time off to recharge and spend time with loved ones. Organisations can also offer wellness programs or gym memberships, encouraging employees to prioritise their physical and mental health. By providing these benefits, companies can help employees maintain a better work-life balance and ultimately lead happier, healthier lives.

Tip 6: Emphasise Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment Process

In today’s world, embracing diversity and inclusion when recruiting new employees creates a positive company culture. When organisations prioritise diversity and inclusivity in the work environment, they can attract a larger range of talented individuals and create a more innovative and creative environment. Inclusivity cultivates a sense of belonging, where individuals feel valued and confident in contributing their unique skills and ideas. Ultimately, prioritising diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process is a win-win for both the company and the employee, leading to a more fulfilling and rewarding career experience.

Tip 7: Revamp Workplace Culture to Fit Digital Transformation by Embracing Modern Technology

Today’s digital professionals thrive in dynamic, tech-forward environments that foster innovation, collaboration and agility. Organisations can create this appealing work culture by utilising digital tools. They can also allow remote work and offer flexible work arrangements that simultaneously lead to a positive workplace culture.

These strategies are particularly attractive to the majority of digital employees. Implementing modern technology and automation streamlines the hiring process and allows digital talent to work more efficiently and creatively.


Talent shortages are a big problem for leaders and organisations worldwide. Hiring people is becoming increasingly difficult – especially for IT and digital jobs, given continuous and rapid technological advancements.

The responsibility lies with all parties to ensure the development and acquisition of new talent in the relevant areas. Hiring Managers must know what job seekers care about to attract and keep them by utilising this knowledge and investing in long-term strategies to entice and hire talented individuals.

How can PERSOLKELLY help you meet the challenge of digital skills recruitment?

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