25 January 2024

Securing the right ICT talent

In the dynamic world of technology and business, securing the right talent can make all the difference. At PERSOLKELLY, we take pride in our role as catalysts for success, connecting organisations with the best ICT professionals.

1. Rapid Deployment for Systems Integration Project: In the fast-paced realm of IT solutions, time is of the essence. A leading global IT solutions provider engaged PERSOLKELLY for a large-scale systems integration project with a major bank in Sydney. Faced with a tight timeline, we assembled a team of Business Analysts with strong data analytics skills. Our consultants, armed with domain knowledge in the financial sector, conducted a swift and targeted search, successfully filling the project team with four Business Analysts within the same month of engagement.

2. Resolving a Prolonged Position Vacancy in Healthcare: Healthcare organisations play a crucial role in our communities, and the right talent is essential. In Perth, a healthcare client reached out to us to fill a Data Engineer position that had remained vacant for over four months. Our specialised consultant in data roles conducted a thorough gap analysis, collaborating with the client to reprioritise requirements and enhance candidate attraction. The result? The position was successfully filled within six weeks of our appointment.

3. Strategic Recruitment for an IT Architect: Navigating salary constraints in the utility sector, a leading electricity power utility supplier sought a highly skilled IT Architect to fortify their technological infrastructure. Here’s where PERSOLKELLY’s strategic approach came into play. Recognising the need to explore beyond local markets, we set our sights on New Zealand. By identifying a talent pool with salary expectations aligned to our client’s offering, we not only found the perfect candidate but also facilitated a seamless assessment process over a meticulous 4.5-month span.

At PERSOLKELLY, our commitment to excellence in ICT recruitment shines through these success stories. We understand the unique challenges our clients face and tailor our approach to meet their specific needs.

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