25 June 2024

Actively Improving Gender Balance in Recruitment

Written by Kurt Gillam, Executive General Manager, PERSOLKELLY Australia

Fostering gender balance in recruitment is crucial in today’s competitive job market, not only from a moral standpoint but also as a strategic advantage. At PERSOKELLY, we’ve implemented a comprehensive strategy to ensure that our recruitment processes are inclusive, fair, and appealing to diverse talent. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored approaches that promote a more balanced and diverse workforce.

Our approach includes the following key points:

1. Consulting from the outset: Our consultants work closely with clients to review job descriptions and criteria, eliminating potential biases from the start.

2. Using inclusive language: We craft job descriptions free of gender-biased language, ensuring broad appeal to diverse talent.

3. Diverse imagery and advertising: Our job adverts feature a variety of imagery representing both genders to convey our commitment to inclusivity.

4. Targeting returners to the workforce: We encourage job share opportunities and flexible working arrangements to attract those returning to the workforce.

5. Inclusive interview panels: We ensure diverse interview panels and implement blind recruitment processes to reduce bias.

6. Expanding sourcing strategies: We post job openings on platforms that cater to diverse groups and partner with organizations promoting gender diversity.

7. Educating hiring teams: We train our recruitment teams and hiring managers to recognize and mitigate unconscious biases.

8. Standardised processes: We implement structured interview processes to ensure fair and consistent evaluations of all candidates.

9. Showcasing an inclusive culture: We highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion through our employer branding, including successful women in leadership roles and fair compensation practices.

10. Success in Future Scientist program: Our program promotes strong female representation in STEM fields.

11. Addressing gender bias in customer requests: We strive to educate customers about the benefits of a balanced workforce, despite encountering requests for specific genders for certain positions.

12. Standing against violence against women: We are committed to combating violence against women, reflecting our dedication to creating a safe and supportive workplace for all.

PERSOLKELLY’s comprehensive approach to increasing gender balance in recruitment demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion.