19 July 2023

Kickstart your scientific career – 2023 PERSOLKELLY Future Scientist Award

We’ve opened entries for the 2023 PERSOLKELLY Future Scientist Award, connecting budding scientists to innovative employers.

PERSOLKELLY recognises how difficult it can be to get your first job in the science industry, so we’ve created the opportunity for graduates to represent themselves in-person to potential scientific employers, get their foot in the laboratory door and kickstart their scientific career!

The rundown

The PERSOLKELLY Future Scientist Award offers science graduates the opportunity to:

  • Showcase themselves to a group of employers from Australia’s leading scientific companies.
  • Get advice on how to present and prepare for interviews from our specialist Scientific recruiters.
  • Be in the running to win $1000.

The history

Research shows that science and mathematics graduates experience some of the worst full-time work outcomes, with just 64.6 per cent in full-time employment four months after graduation.

PERSOLKELLY’s team wanted to change those numbers and use their expertise in hiring scientific staff to create meaningful opportunities for young scientists.

In 2016, the PERSOLKELLY Future Scientist Award was launched – aimed at recognising the achievements of budding scientists across Australia, highlighting their contributions to the scientific community and helping them progress from graduate to employee.

Work with us.

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How it works

The Future Scientist Award provides a platform for the best and brightest up-and-coming scientists to present their ideas to leaders in the industry.

With a focus on encouraging innovation and excellence, the award gives applicants the opportunity to kickstart their career and boost their employment opportunities by connecting them with the leaders of the scientific industry.

After applications close, the PERSOLKELLY scientific team selects the finalists for each state. Finalists will be invited to present their goals, ideas and plans for the future of science to industry leaders and innovators at a panel in their state in September 2023.

Submissions are open now – apply online today.

Who can apply?

The Future Scientist Award is open to applications from those in the final semester of – or those who have graduated in the last 12 months from – a Bachelor of Science, BSc Hons, MSc or PhD (science discipline).

To win the 2023 Future Scientist Award, you must complete an online application – including uploading a current resume and your academic record to date – and tell us why you should be the Future Scientist Award winner.

Apply for the 2023 Future Scientist Award today!


One of our 2021 winners, Marilla Bickerstaff-Westbrook

One of our 2021 winners, Thi Hong

2019 finalist, Shaghraf Javaid

2019 finalist, Greta Luche

2018 finalist, Kang Tam

2017 finalist, Andrew Tilley

2016 finalist, Jack Kent